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Labour Department invites applications for appointment as approved assessors

For Physiotherapy Professionals

 Feedback on the Proposed Regulatory Framework for Medical Devices

 Letter in English

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association , Hong Kong Physiotherapy Concern , Hong Kong Physiotherapists’ Union and Physiotherapy Action

香港理工大學康復治療科學系, 香港物理治療學會, 香港物理治療關注組, 香港物理治療師協會, 物理治療起動: 聯署 回應有關「規管醫療儀器的立法建議」的建議書

 Letter in Chinese

Report of the Strategic Review

Report of the Strategic Review is ready and now accessible in the following link. The Food and Health Bureau is going to brief the Legislative Council Panel on Health Services on 19 June 2017

 English Version

 Chinese Version

HKPA Feedback on the Strategic Review on HealthCare Manpower Planning & Professional Development - Physiotherapists 19 June 2017

HKPA 回應有關 「醫療人力規劃和專業發展策略檢討報告」

 English Version

 Chinese Version

HKPA made the response in RTHK and Economic Daily:

物理治療師人手缺 學會憂自資課程價錢貴亦未必達水平 – RTHK

 Link to RTHK

物理治療師渴才 盼自資院校培訓 - 香港經濟日報 - TOPick - 新聞 - 社會 - D170615

 Link to 香港經濟日報

物理治療業界憂學生畢業或未能取註冊資格 - NOW - 新聞

 Link to NOW - 新聞


 Clarification and Objection on the False Accusation on the Role of HKPA on the Consultancy Study (the Study)

 The Letter had been sent to Dr. KO Wing-man, BBS, JP, Secretary for Food and Health



16 Jan 2019


Facebook Live Forum


HKPA Conference 2019


25 May 2019


2nd Announcement


Registration Form


Instructions to Authors


Abstract Submission (word format)


Pre-Conference Workshops




31 Jul 2020


Sharing Benefit of Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union


Announcement to HKPA Members from HKPTU




1 May 2018


HKPA Guidelines for Specialty Group


HKPA Guidelines on Arrangement of Financial Matters for HKPA Specialty Group




27 Feb 2018


Position Paper: Entry-level Physiotherapy Education




30 Jun 2019


Message to Members: Private Practice Workgroup




16 Sep 2019


Updates on Modified Referral System


HKPA Workgroup Report




6 to 8 Jun 2020


WCPT-AWP Congress 2020




19 to 28 Mar 2020


International Schroth 3D Scoliosis Therapy (ISST)




4 Jan 2020


Certificate Course of Breakaway Techniques




15 to 17 Nov 2019


Recruitment for On-field Sports Physiotherapy Volunteers for Oxfam Trailwalker 2019




16 Nov 2019


Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT)- Sharing on Theory and Local Practice




7 Nov 2019


An Evening Talk on Selection and Use of Rehabilitation and Care Equipment




10 and 12 Oct 2019


Seminar - Common Athletes’ Shoulder Pathologies; Workshop – Shoulder Problems for Athletes: From Injury to Return-to-Play


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