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Membership Renewal Form (2017-2018) New!

Gentle reminder for joining Specialty Group (SG)

This serves as a gentle reminder for Life members / Full members (in the 2nd year of the 2 year membership) to subscribe to SGs in the 2017-18 membership year.

You can fill in the membership renewal form and select the SGs that you would like to join.

The fee is $50 per SG per year.

We look forward to seeing you in the activities organized by HKPA and the SGs.


Best regards,

Daniel Chau

Senior manager (Membership)



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News from The Labour Department

Labour Department invites applications for appointment as approved assessors



For Physiotherapy Professionals

 Feedback on the Proposed Regulatory Framework for Medical Devices

 Letter in English

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association , Hong Kong Physiotherapy Concern , Hong Kong Physiotherapists’ Union and Physiotherapy Action

香港理工大學康復治療科學系, 香港物理治療學會, 香港物理治療關注組, 香港物理治療師協會, 物理治療起動: 聯署 回應有關「規管醫療儀器的立法建議」的建議書

 Letter in Chinese


 Clarification and Objection on the False Accusation on the Role of HKPA on the Consultancy Study (the Study)

 The Letter had been sent to Dr. KO Wing-man, BBS, JP, Secretary for Food and Health



26  May 2017


MSG: Shockwave Therapy for Myofascial Pain with demonstration




22  June 2017


HKPA: Seminar on Pain and Movement Reasoning Model: integrating neuro-immune-endocrine interactions into clinical reasoning




27  May 2017


AIMSG: Clinical Application of Craniosacral Therapy in Chronic Pain Management


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