NSG Executive Committee Members for the year 2013-2015

Position Name Place of work
Chairperson Wingson Chan WC HHH
Vice-Chairperson Ivan Liu Y SK Integrated Therapy Centre
Treasurer Eva Chung PK HK & Sanatorium Hospital
Secretary (External) Lydie Ho OL TMH
Secretary (Internal) Doris Chong HK PolyU
Vice-Secretary Kindy Tang WK POH
Education Development Officer Emily Ko ML HK & Sanatorium Hospital
Education Development Officer Kedy Lee MH, HK & Sanatorium Hospital HK & Sanatorium Hospital
Education Development Officer Sally Wan PC QEH
Education Development Officer Sue Wong TMH
Information Technology Officer Hei Wong KH TMH
Information Technology Officer Woo CW QEH
Research Development Officer Ellen Ip ML PWH
Research Development Officer Margaret Mak KY HK Polyu
Research Development Officer Matthew Mok YC POH
Research Development Officer Stephanie Au-Yeung SY HK Polyu