Neurology Specialty Group Homepage

History by Margaret Mak
The Special Interest Group started to operate in December 1993 with a group of people who aimed to promote the area of Neurology.  The core members included Elsy Chan, Stephanie Au-Yeung, Jimmy So, Thomas Chan, Amy Wong, Mya Leung, Jamie Lau, Chan Kwok Ching, Alex Tse, Irene Chan and Yuen Mei Hung.  With the active contribution of core group members and the Interest Group members, there has been a progressive development toward maturity.  In the infant stage of year 1993-94, the Special Interest Group has launched 7 academic activities.  The first Annual General Meeting was held in Feb 22, 1995 when 8 executive committee members being elected.  Thereafter, the Interest Group continued to conduct various lectures, seminar and workshops by local and overseas speakers. Presented are some of the activities:


Academic Activities


June 94

Lecture on Neurophysiology and Neurophilosophy: the Art and Science of Neuro-rehabilitation

Dr. Joyce Fung


August 94

Journal Club: Assessment Scales in Rehabilitation

Rosanna Chow, Margaret Mak, Elsy Chan

July 95

Evaluation and treatment of hemiplegic patients with the application of Bobath Concept

Elia Panturin, Janet Berman

December 95

Seminar on “Management of Parkinsonism – An Update”

Dr. SL Ho, Simon Wong, Margaret Mak, patients from self help group

June 96

Treatment of hemiplegia - a functional and problem solving approach

Kelvin Chan

April 97

Seminar on PNF

Mary Jue, Theresa Harrell

July 97

Weakness in spastic hemiplegic patients

Sharyn Vanden Noven

24 Feb 98  

Integration of gait analysis & functional training using proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation

Ms Susanne Hedin-Anden  

November 98

Neurological rehabilitation-optimizing motor performance

Professor Roberta Shepherd

Professor Janet Carr

March 99

Clinical Sharing ~ Contemporary approaches in stroke rehabilitation ~ Optimizing upper limbs performance

Ex-com members

June 99

Stroke: predicting outcome

Dr. Wong Chi Keung

In addition to the organization of academic activities, another objective of the Special Interest Group is to promote interest in research, the NSIG has completed the study “Rehabilitation outcome of stroke patients”.  The findings of this study has been presented in the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Congress 1997. The newsletter “Neuro-connet” was first released in 1996, this newsletter serves as a mean for members to share their clinical experience, research outcome, new projects etc.

In order to upgrade the standard in neurology, the first edition of the document “Service standard of physiotherapy practice in Neurology” was published in 1998 and sent to every Interest Group member and Physiotherapy Departments.  It is hoped that this document will be used as a reference to assure quality of care in the management of clients with neurological conditions.

In addition to local activities, the Interest Group also promote knowledge in neuro-rehabilitation to the therapists in China. In June 1998, Raymond Lo, Mary Lau, Kindy Tang and Donald Lui conducted a one and a half  day workshop on stroke management for the Caring for Children Foundation in Guang Zhou.

The Annual General meeting has been conducted in June 23 1999 and a new Executive Committee was formed. Raymond Lo was elected among the executive members to be the Chairman. Under his leadership, the Executive Committee will continue to operative in fulfilling the above objectives.  We hope the area of Neurology will steer towards excellence in the clinical and research areas.