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Update on Handling Charge related to Acupuncture Accreditation & Journal Publication Fee

Dear members,

HKPA has long been providing acupuncture accreditation for physiotherapists. After thorough review, including the consideration of the increased volume of work involved, and the fact that the charge has not been changed for a very long time, the handling charge related to acupuncture accreditation would be adjusted, with effect from 1 Oct 2021. As our commitment to providing benefits to our members, increase in fees for HKPA members is minimal.

You may refer to the followings for details:
Handling Charge for Acupuncture Accreditation and Re-issue of the Certificate Membership Type
Existing Practice
On or After 1 Oct 2021
HKPA Member $100 $120
HKPA & AIMSG Member $50 $60
Non-HKPA Member $500 $800
Remark:The application without sufficient handling charge as stated above will not be processed from 1 Oct 2021 onwards (reference to the date of post chop)

Being an open access journal, the cost of running the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal is high. Starting from 1 Oct 2021, a publication fee will be imposed on articles that are accepted for publication. You may refer to the followings for details:
Journal Publication Fee Existing Practice
On or After 1 Oct 2021
Nil HKD1550 (USD200)
Payment method: Click here

If you have any enquiry, please contact HKPA at

Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Marco PANG
HKPA President