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Response to comments made by Mr. Rick Lau on a TV Programme broadcasted on 16 Sept 2021

Statement: Response to inappropriate comments made by Rick Lau, Vice Chairman of the Chiropractic Doctors’ Association of Hong Kong in TVB program broadcasted on 16 Sept 2021.

We express our utmost regret over the inappropriate, misleading and non-factual comments about the professional practice of physiotherapists made by Rick Lau (Vice-Chairman of the Chiropractic Doctors’ Association of Hong Kong) featured in the TVB Programme “Scoop”, which was broadcasted on the Jade Channel on 16 Sept 2021. When being asked about the use of manual therapy in treating patients with back pain by the Chinese Medicine practitioners and physiotherapists, Rick Lau claimed that the Chinese Medicine practitioners use acupuncture and tui na, while the physiotherapists apply stretching and strengthening exercise, muscle stimulation, and these practices were considered to be “superficial” by Rick Lau. It was claimed by Rick Lau that only chiropractors will focus on the patient’s history and “bony structure” with detailed analysis; otherwise there will be injury to the muscles, joints and even the nerves.

These statements, complemented with the TV host’s remarks, are irresponsible in that they imply that manual therapy is only provided by the chiropractors and that only chiropractors know how to perform appropriate patient assessment and treatments. However, it cannot be further from the truth. In fact, one of the core skills of physiotherapists is manual therapy. All physiotherapists are well trained to perform appropriate assessment and then decide what treatments will be most beneficial to each individual patient. The selection of the use of manual therapy will depend on the patient’s condition based on the physiotherapy assessment findings.

We strongly condemn the inappropriate, misleading and non-factual comments made by the chiropractor, Rick Lau during the interview.

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association

聲明: 對於無線電視台「東張西望」節目在 2021 年 9 月 16 日晚播出脊醫劉柏偉(香港執業脊醫協會副主席)的不當言論的回應

對於無線電視翡翠台「東張西望」節目在 2021 年 9 月 16 日晚播出訪問脊醫劉柏偉(香港執業脊醫協會副主席)作出對物理治療師專業行為的不當、誤導性與非符合事實的言論,我們深表遺憾!當被問及中醫與物理治療師對腰背痛病人都同樣會使用手法治療時,脊醫劉柏偉認為中醫會使用針灸、推拿,而物理治療師會使用拉筋、強化運動與肌肉電刺激;但劉柏偉認為這些治療都是表面,而只有註冊脊醫才會針對「骨架」,詳細分析結構與病人病歷;不然就有很大機會弄傷肌肉、關節,嚴重的會傷及神經線! 這些言論既不負責任,也暗示只有脊醫才能提供手法治療及對病人進行適當檢查與治療!事實上,手法治療是物理治療師的核心技能之一!每位物理治療師都會為病人進行合適的檢查評估,然後決定那種治療方法對病人最有利。物理治療師選用手法治療與否,就視乎檢查評估病人的情況而定。