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HKPA Direct Access Press Conference on 21 Sep 2022

前特首林鄭月娥於[行政長官2021年施政報告]文明修改法例容許免醫生轉介而讓市民選擇直接接受物理治療服務,避免延誤治療,藉以強化基層醫療體系。物理治療師管理委員會轄下實施物理治療服務更新轉介系統 工作小組(下稱工作小組)當中有物理治療師、醫生及病人組織等界別的代表,經過多方面檢討現時轉介病人的規限,平衡各方意見後,已完成相關建議書並已提交至物理治療師管理委員會 。該工作小組早於2009年已成立研究如何落實免轉介制度,至今已超過13年,但因醫生阻力一直未有進展。由1976年開始,全球第一個免轉介國家澳洲,直至現在全球已超過80個國家,包括英、美、加及鄰國泰國、印尼等地已容許免轉介……

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Workshop on Patients with Depression or Anxiety in COVID Pandemic Medical Management, Mental Health Support and Physiotherapy Management in Mental Rehabilitation

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Mental Health Working Group (MHWG)

MHWG is a new Working Group of HKPA to educate, develop, implement, and sustain mental health-related physiotherapy services and supports to the HKPA members. With its first Executive Committee formed in early August 2022, MHWG welcome more HKPA members to join and serve in the MHWG Executive Committee.

Aging population in Hong Kong increases not solely the MSK dysfunction and chronic morbidity with mobility and ambulation limitations, but also put strains on the deterioration of cognitive functions, mood disorders and depression. Together with the persistence of COVID-19 pandemic, the impact is alarming. The demand for mental health physiotherapy service should go not just within the institutional services but also into the community for people of all ages. With the global changes of the involvement of physiotherapists in caring for more and more mental health related disorders and illnesses, now is the suitable moment to strengthen connections among physiotherapists serving in the community, encompassing NGO, private, HA and the government sectors.

MHWG will collaborate with other related SG or WG to promote the mental health physiotherapy models, approaches, concepts, and research findings into the management of patients.

The objectives of the MHWG are three folds:

  1. To advocate the alignment, coordination, and collaboration of mental health related physiotherapy services in cross-sector and cross-NGO service.
  2. To strengthen public and academic awareness and accessibility to mental health PT services to enhance and improve quality physiotherapy service delivery.
  3. To promote the accessibility of the mental health Physiotherapy service in Hong Kong.

Deliverables of the WG in the first 2 years are:

  1. Dementia
  2. Anxiety, depression & sleeping disorders due to COVID-19 pandemic
  3.  ADHD and autism
  4. Current Hong Kong mental health system and mental health physiotherapy services in the community
Chairperson: Dr. Anthony KWOK
Secretary: Ms. Dorothy CHEUNG
Treasurer: Mr. Joseph LAW

Education & Professional Development Officer: Mr. Chris KAN
Public Relation & Liaison Officer: Mr. Eyckle WONG
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SESG: BGM cum Webinar on Blending brain fitness into physical fitness for rehabilitation and injury prevention

28 October 2022 (Fri)

18:30 - 20:00

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World PT Day 2022 (Theme: Osteoarthritis)

3 Sep 2022 (Sat)


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World PT Day 2022 (Student Program) – Career Talk

3 Sep 2022 (Sat)


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HKPA Physiotherapy Student Attachment Program (2022/23)

18 - 31 Aug 2022

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HKPA M&A Consultation Stage 4

3 Aug 2022 (Wed)

1900 - 2030

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HTSG: Sports Related Injury in Hand & Wrist: Assessment & Rehabilitation

10 Nov 2022 (Thu)

1830 - 1930

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物理治療免轉介 最快明年推 政府工作組成員彭鴻昌:草案擬10月遞立會


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物理治療若免轉介 裨益病人及醫學界