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HKPA Direct Access Forum

27 Jan 2022 (Thu)


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PSG: Respiratory Perspectives in Transitional Care of Children with Neuromuscular Diseases

23 Feb 2022 (Wed)


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Report on HKPA Annual General Meeting 2021 and Election of the HKPA Executive Committee 2021 – 2023

Date: 12 December 2021
Venue: Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West

HKPA Annual General Meeting 2021 as well as the election of the HKPA Executive Committee 2021 – 2023 was completed on 12 December 2021. Mr. Bronco BUT, HKPA Honorary Legal Advisor, supervised the ballot counting process. The results of the election and appointment of the newly elected HKPA Executive Committee 2021 – 2023 are listed as below:

 Election of HKPA President
Election of HKPA Executive Committee Members

Number of valid ballots counted:
Number of invalid ballots:2624
Nominees for HKPA PresidentBallot Attained
Prof. LAU Mun Cheung, Herman51
Prof. PANG Yiu Chung, Marco 247

Remark: No selection of President: 5 ballots

Nominees for HKPA Executive Committee MembersBallot Attained
Ms. CHAN Yee Wa, Eva102
Ms. CHIU Pik Yin, Horsanna132
Dr. CHOI Ching Man, Tiffany98
Dr. KWOK Wai Leung, Anthony127
Ms. LAM Po, Yvonne64
Ms. LEE Ka Wai, Shirley78
Mr. MA Hok Man, Barry64
Mr. MA Wui Leung, Lawrence75
Mr. NGAI Chi Wing, Gorman180
Dr. NGAI Pui Ching, Shirley201
Ms. POON Ka Wai, Sara87
Dr. SO Chun Lung, Billy156
Dr. SU Yuen Wang, Ivan163
Ms. SUEN Mei Yee, Anna Bella159
Ms. SZE Kai Tsit, Amanda62
Mr. TSANG Chi Chung, Raymond235
Mr. WAN Sung, Sam131
Mr. WONG Hin Wai, Will33
Dr. WONG Yu Lok, Arnold145
Mr. WOO Chuen Hau, Alexander218
Dr. YAM Tsz Ting, Timothy53
Mr. YEUNG Ngai Chung, Ivan72

Members of the HKPA Executive Committee 2021 - 2023

President:Prof. PANG Yiu Chung, Marco
Executive Committee Members:Mr. TSANG Chi Chung, Raymond
Mr. WOO Chuen Hau, Alexander
Dr. NGAI Pui Ching, Shirley
Mr. NGAI Chi Wing, Gorman
Dr. SU Yuen Wang, Ivan
Ms. SUEN Mei Yee, Anna Bella
Dr. SO Chun Lung, Billy
Dr. WONG Yu Lok, Arnold
Ms. CHIU Pik Yin, Horsanna
Mr. WAN Sung, Sam
Dr. KWOK Wai Leung, Anthony
Mr. Alphonse CHAN, Mr. Bronco BUT, Ms. Sally WAN, Ms. Joan IP and Mr. Gabriel NGAN (from left to right) participated in the ballot counting process for the election of the HKPA Executive Committee 2021 - 2023
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Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association Conference 2021

60th PT Education Anniversary cum Sik Sik Yuen 100th Anniversary

Dec 12, 2021 (Sun)

Venue: Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West


Prof Susan Effgen (Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Kentucky, USA)

Dr Lim Wee Shiong (adjunct Associate Professor, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Prof Timothy Kwok (professor, Department of Medicine & Therapeutics and School of Public Health, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Mr Jimmy Wu (Director, District Health Centre Team, Primary Healthcare Office under the Food and Health Bureau)

Mr Wong Sze Tat (Unit-in-charge of Sik Sik Yuen Physiotherapy Centre)

Ms Tracy Bury (Deputy CEO of World Physiotherapy)

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HKPA Annual General Meeting

Dear members,
The HKPA Annual General Meeting will be held in Dec 2021 with details as below:
Date: 12 Dec 2021
Time: 8:30am
Venue: 7/F Hall B, Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West
Agenda of HKPA AGM 2021 and the Minutes of HKPA AGM 2020 have been mailed to the members in late Oct 2021. If you have not received the materials, kindly contact Dr. Billy SO (Chairperson of Membership Subcommittee) at for membership renewal and updating the mailing address.
Commencement of the ballot counting for the election of HKPA Executive Committee 2021 – 2023 will be announced in the AGM on 12 Dec 2021.
Details of the ballot counting are shown as below:
  • The ballots in the sealed envelopes will be transported from the HKPA premises to the Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West before 8:30am on 12 Dec 2021
  • A separate room (Function Room 2, 11/F, Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West) is prepared for the ballot counting, with the maximum capacity of 30 attendees
  • The envelopes will be unsealed under the supervision of Mr. Bronco BUT, HKPA Legal Advisor
  • The whole process of the ballot counting will be conducted under the supervision of Mr. Bronco BUT
  • Results of the election of HKPA Executive Committee 2021 – 2023 will be announced by 5pm on 12 Dec 2021
Finally, thanks again for your continuous support to HKPA.


Yours faithfully,
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APTWG: Update of Paediatric Hydrotherapy Practice

18 Dec 2021 (Sat)


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HTSG BGM cum Lecture: Tendon Injury – Anatomy, Biomechanics, Latest Concepts in Treatment

15 Dec 2021 (Wed)


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Direct Access: Historical Development, Research Evidence and the Way Forward

10 Nov 2021 (Wed)


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Physiotherapist CPD: World Physiotherapy Physiotherapist Education Framework and Implications of Implementation of Mandatory CPD

4 Nov 2021 (Thu)


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Update the Contact to Receive our Latest News

Dear members,

Please be informed that HKPA activities, course information and news bulletin will only be disseminated through email, HKPA website and social media ONLY in order to be more environmental friendly (information about executive committee nomination and election as well as annual report will be disseminated through mailing).

If you have not yet provided us with your email / mailing address or you have changed your email / mailing address, kindly update us by contacting Dr. Billy SO (Chairperson of Membership Subcommittee) at

We hope that our latest news can reach you timely and that you can enjoy our courses and activities in the coming future.

Thanks for your continuous support to HKPA.

Yours sincerely,

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2021-22 Certificate Course on Assessment and Management of Incontinence

16 Nov 21 - 22 Jan 22 (Alternative Saturdays)


Organizer:Hong Kong Continence Society Limited
Co organizer:Hong Kong Association of Gerontology and
Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association
Dates:6/11/2021 to 22/1/2022
(Six alternate Saturdays, 14:30-16:30)
Venue:Virtual classroom by ZOOM
Award:Certificate of attendance for those who have 80% attendance.
CME, CNE and CPD will be granted.
Course Fee:$1,200 for Member (HKCS, HKAG, HKPA Women’s Health Group)
$1,500 for Non Member (Non members are encouraged to join one or more of the societies in order to enjoy members’ discount.)
Deadline for Registration:23/10/2021
Registration:Please complete the Registration Form with a cheque payable to The Hong Kong Continence Society Limited and send to Hong Kong Association of Gerontology, 1/F., Kimberley House, 35 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui , Kowloon.
Enquiry:Hong Kong Association of Gerontology
Tel : 27755756
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Paediatric Specialty Group: Update in Paediatric Orthotic Management

20 November 2021 (Sat)


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Response to comments made by Mr. Rick Lau on a TV Programme broadcasted on 16 Sept 2021

Statement: Response to inappropriate comments made by Rick Lau, Vice Chairman of the Chiropractic Doctors’ Association of Hong Kong in TVB program broadcasted on 16 Sept 2021.

We express our utmost regret over the inappropriate, misleading and non-factual comments about the professional practice of physiotherapists made by Rick Lau (Vice-Chairman of the Chiropractic Doctors’ Association of Hong Kong) featured in the TVB Programme “Scoop”, which was broadcasted on the Jade Channel on 16 Sept 2021. When being asked about the use of manual therapy in treating patients with back pain by the Chinese Medicine practitioners and physiotherapists, Rick Lau claimed that the Chinese Medicine practitioners use acupuncture and tui na, while the physiotherapists apply stretching and strengthening exercise, muscle stimulation, and these practices were considered to be “superficial” by Rick Lau. It was claimed by Rick Lau that only chiropractors will focus on the patient’s history and “bony structure” with detailed analysis; otherwise there will be injury to the muscles, joints and even the nerves.

These statements, complemented with the TV host’s remarks, are irresponsible in that they imply that manual therapy is only provided by the chiropractors and that only chiropractors know how to perform appropriate patient assessment and treatments. However, it cannot be further from the truth. In fact, one of the core skills of physiotherapists is manual therapy. All physiotherapists are well trained to perform appropriate assessment and then decide what treatments will be most beneficial to each individual patient. The selection of the use of manual therapy will depend on the patient’s condition based on the physiotherapy assessment findings.

We strongly condemn the inappropriate, misleading and non-factual comments made by the chiropractor, Rick Lau during the interview.

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association

聲明: 對於無線電視台「東張西望」節目在 2021 年 9 月 16 日晚播出脊醫劉柏偉(香港執業脊醫協會副主席)的不當言論的回應

對於無線電視翡翠台「東張西望」節目在 2021 年 9 月 16 日晚播出訪問脊醫劉柏偉(香港執業脊醫協會副主席)作出對物理治療師專業行為的不當、誤導性與非符合事實的言論,我們深表遺憾!當被問及中醫與物理治療師對腰背痛病人都同樣會使用手法治療時,脊醫劉柏偉認為中醫會使用針灸、推拿,而物理治療師會使用拉筋、強化運動與肌肉電刺激;但劉柏偉認為這些治療都是表面,而只有註冊脊醫才會針對「骨架」,詳細分析結構與病人病歷;不然就有很大機會弄傷肌肉、關節,嚴重的會傷及神經線! 這些言論既不負責任,也暗示只有脊醫才能提供手法治療及對病人進行適當檢查與治療!事實上,手法治療是物理治療師的核心技能之一!每位物理治療師都會為病人進行合適的檢查評估,然後決定那種治療方法對病人最有利。物理治療師選用手法治療與否,就視乎檢查評估病人的情況而定。


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Celebration of World Physiotherapy Day 2021 & 60th Anniversary of Physiotherapy Education in Hong Kong

Sept 11, 2021 (Sat)

9:00 am - 4:45 pm

General Public

Guest Speakers:  (in order of presentation)

Mr. Raymond Lai (Business Director, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service)

Ms. Chamie Yip (Physiotherapist, SAHK)

Dr. Law Sheung Wai (President-Elect of The Hong Kong College of Orthopaedic Surgeons)

Dr. Gillian Webb (Associate Professor, Department of Physiotherapy, University of Melbourne)

Dr. Margot Skinner (Senior Lecturer & Deputy Dean, Division of Health Sciences, University of Otago)

Prof. Alice Jones (Honorary Professor, University of Queensland)

Dr. Shirley Ngai (Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Dr. Cheng Yuk Lun (Chairman, Hong Kong Society of Nephrology)

Mr. Eyckle Wong (HKPA Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy Specialty Group; Senior Clinical Associate, School of Medical & Health Sciences,  Tung  Wah College)

Download Leaflet


Guest Speakers: (in order of presentation)

Mr. Raymond Tsang (Department Manager, Physiotherapy Department, MMRC)

Dr. Ivan Su (Head of Professional and Programme Development, SAHK)

Mr. Mike Au-Yeung (Physiotherapist, Private Practice)

Download Leaflet

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2021 Policy Address Consultation: Views from the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association

The Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association has submitted its views to the Government, as part of the 2021 Policy Address Public Consultation.

Our paper submitted to the Government touches on several issues that cover the interests of physiotherapists from different sectors (HA, subvented, DH, private practice, academic institutions).

Please find the attached file for the full version of the paper (download here).

To summarise, the key points are:

  1. Primary healthcare development
    • Physiotherapists are well equipped to carry out ALL the key functions of District Health Centres (DHCs).
    • Increase mandatory physiotherapist provision for physiotherapists in both DHCs and DHC Express (DHCEs).
    • Foster a more promising career prospect for physiotherapists in DHC(E)s. It should not be left to the hands of individual DHC(E) operators to design the ranks of physiotherapists in each DHC(E).
    • Create specialty training programmes in primary healthcare among the local physiotherapy education institutions to support continuing development and growth of preventive physiotherapy in Hong Kong.
  2. Sports development
    • Increase funding to support sports science and rehabilitation research.
    • Increase funding to create more physiotherapist positions so that more athletes can receive timely physiotherapy services.
    • Explore the possibility of collaborating with the private sector so that our athletes can receive quality and timely physiotherapy service.
  3. Supply and retention of physiotherapists
    • Inject more funding into increasing the quota for physiotherapy student numbers.
    • Increase space provision for physiotherapy education programmes.
    • Our Association strongly recommends that the Master Pay Scale (MPS) be adjusted so that the starting salary point for physiotherapists is in line with that for a bachelor degree holder (i.e., point 16 for Physiotherapist II).
    • Create Specialised or Advanced Practice Physiotherapist positions in Hospital Authority and Department of Health with an increment increase in salary.
    • Establish a standard ratio of Senior Physiotherapist in the subvented sector.
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Update on Handling Charge related to Acupuncture Accreditation & Journal Publication Fee

Dear members,

HKPA has long been providing acupuncture accreditation for physiotherapists. After thorough review, including the consideration of the increased volume of work involved, and the fact that the charge has not been changed for a very long time, the handling charge related to acupuncture accreditation would be adjusted, with effect from 1 Oct 2021. As our commitment to providing benefits to our members, increase in fees for HKPA members is minimal.

You may refer to the followings for details:
Handling Charge for Acupuncture Accreditation and Re-issue of the Certificate Membership Type
Existing Practice
On or After 1 Oct 2021
HKPA Member $100 $120
HKPA & AIMSG Member $50 $60
Non-HKPA Member $500 $800
Remark:The application without sufficient handling charge as stated above will not be processed from 1 Oct 2021 onwards (reference to the date of post chop)

Being an open access journal, the cost of running the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal is high. Starting from 1 Oct 2021, a publication fee will be imposed on articles that are accepted for publication. You may refer to the followings for details:
Journal Publication Fee Existing Practice
On or After 1 Oct 2021
Nil HKD1550 (USD200)
Payment method: Click here

If you have any enquiry, please contact HKPA at

Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Marco PANG
HKPA President