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要控制血糖,糖尿病患者必須積極改善飲食,多做運動。 不過,糖尿患者大多「識飲識食」,但對於運動卻仍然一知半解,且欠缺足夠的推動力。 因此,香港糖尿科護士協會及香港物理治療學會聯手炮製出全港第一個專門為糖尿患者而設的音樂健康活動, 當中包括「舞動健康」MV及教育影片,希望以輕鬆的音樂、簡單的舞步,幫助不同年齡人士愉快地做運動。
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Aquatic Physiotherapy Working Group (APTWG)

Aquatic Physiotherapy Working Group (APTWG) was established under the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association, with the first Executive Committee being formed in 2019.

We aimed to upgrade the standard of the local aquatic physiotherapy service through high- quality professional training, distinguished experience sharing and service benchmarking with international standards. We also pledge to promote the benefits of aquatic physiotherapy for different health conditions to the community and to serve them with our collaborative expertise to enhance their health.

Chairperson:Ms. Lavinia WONG
Vice-Chairperson:Ms. Catherine WONG
Dr. Billy SO
Treasurer:Ms. NG Yuk Mun
Secretary:Ms. Nathania SUEN
Ms. Samuela SUEN
Education Officer:Mr. Sam WONG
Ms. CHOW Chi Ying
IT Officer:Mr. Boris HO
Mr. Louis LI
Public Relation Officer:Ms. Angela LEE
Liaison Officer:Mr. Joseph LAW
Ms. Iris KONG
Professional Development Officer:Mr. Harry LEE