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Sports and Exercise Specialty Group (SESG)

Sports and Exercise Specialty Group (SESG) is a platform gathering physiotherapists who are devoted to sports development. Qualified and heartful physiotherapists are welcome to join our round-the-year professional development courses and specialization training, held by either local or international speakers, as well as taking part in on-field physiotherapy in different sports area. For physiotherapists who are new to sports areas, SESG provides opportunities for you to gain hands-on experience. For veterans, SESG offers a platform for you to share your valuable experience and knowledge in sports area with junior physiotherapists, so that more can contribute to the long-term development of sports physiotherapy in Hong Kong.

If you would like to be part of us, or to provide your most treasured help in sport events, please do not be hesitated to contact us at

Chairperson:Mr. Alex HO
Vice-Chairperson:Ms. Cora CHEUNG
Mr. Willis CHAN
Treasurer:Mr. Chris KWOK
Secretary:Mr. Ivan AU
Education Officer:Mr. Indy HO
On-field Coordinator:Ms. Monika LAU
Ms. Cynthia SUNG
Ms. Yuki WONG
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Paediatric Specialty Group (PSG)

Paediatric Specialty Group, which under Hong Kong Physiotherapist Association, serves as a collaborative voice to support paediatric physiotherapy development in Hong Kong. Through providing education programs, it provides contemporary information in the areas of congenital abnormalities (e.g. spina bifida, TEV, torticollis); orthopaedic conditions (e.g. scoliosis, flat feet); developmental problems (e.g. cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, developmental coordination disorder), as well as sensorimotor disorders in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and specific learning difficulties. Our group also liaises with different experts in the paediatric field to further our professional growth and hence foster excellence in the practice of paediatric physiotherapy.

Chairperson:Ms. Nerita CHAN
Vice-Chairperson:Ms. Tracy CHEN
Ms. Olivia FAN
Treasurer:Ms. Vivian CHAN
Secretary:Ms. Tina CHAN
Education Officer:Ms. Eva CHAN (Officer)
Ms. HO Yuen Bing
Ms. Ophelia CHAN
Ms. Carrie CHAU
Ms. Candice POON
Ms. Beverley YIU
IT Officer:Mr. Michael LEUNG
Public Relation Officer:Ms. Catherine CHEUNG (Officer)
Ms. AU Mei Kuen
Ms. Daswani Dinisha Deepak
Ms. Flora LAW
Ms. Carmen LEUNG
Ms. Anna PANG
Ms. Irene WU
Co-opted Member:Ms. Cecilia KWOK
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Occupational Safety, Health and Rehabilitation Specialty Group (OSHRSG)

Occupational Safety, Health and Rehabilitation Specialty Group (OSHRSG)  is a group of HKPA members with a special interest in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in workplaces and work rehabilitation. Physiotherapy in OSH is about fostering a safe working environment and minimizing the risk and hazard at work. Throughout the risk assessment on workplace and individual, physiotherapists can provide professional advice on safe working practice with proper equipment and ergonomics. Besides, we also help injured workers return to work through treatments and re-training. If the worker could not successfully return to work with full function, physiotherapists would negotiate with the employers for the potential work adjustment.

OSHRSG has the following objectives:

  • To keep our members up-to-date knowledge, latest development and the study opportunity in the field of Occupational Safety, Health and Rehabilitation (OSHR)
  • To raise the public awareness by working hard on promoting the proper ergonomics and OSHR information in various means, including interviews in social media, health carnivals and talks, etc.
  • To liaise with other related local and international associations and organizations, for the sake of upholding the OSH standard in Hong Kong
Honorary Advisor:Prof. Grace SZETO
Chairperson:Mr. Alexander WOO
Vice-Chairperson:Ms. Linda LAI
Treasurer:Mr. LAI Chun Hei
Secretary:Mr. Richard WONG
Publicity Officer: Mr. Daniel TO
Mr. Simon TSE
Mr. Curtis WONG
Dr. Kelvin KWOK
Ms. Rainbow LAW
Dr. Billy SO
Mr. Felix WONG
Ms. Judy WONG
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Neurological Specialty Group (NSG)

Neurological Specialty Group is formed by a group of physiotherapists who are working or having a strong interest in neurological rehabilitation. Our aim is to promote the professional knowledge, skills and standards in the field of neurological rehabilitation through organizing training courses; and providing advices and guidelines in the related field. We also commit in social voluntary work and community education to promote public understanding and prevention on the common neurological diseases.-

Chairperson:Dr. Wingson CHAN
Treasurer:Ms. Eva CHUNG
Secretary:Dr. Doris CHONG
Education Officer:Ms. Emily KO
Ms. Sue WONG
Mr. Elliot CHENG
IT Officer:Mr. Hei WONG
Mr. C.W. WOO
Research Development Officer:Prof. Margaret MAK
Mr. Matthew MOK
Dr. Stephanie AU YEUNG
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Musculoskeletal Specialty Group (MSG)

The Musculoskeletal Specialty Group is one of the specialty groups of the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association, which aims to promote musculoskeletal health and provide public education on the physiotherapy related to musculoskeletal system of the body. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is a specialized area of physiotherapy treating injuries and conditions that affect muscles, bones, joints and soft tissues, such as fractures, arthritis, sprains and overuse syndrome, etc. With detailed assessment, the physiotherapist will identify the client’s / patient’s problems, set treatment goals and design an appropriate rehabilitation plan. The treatments may include exercise therapy, manual therapy, electrotherapy and self-management strategies, etc. The treatment aims to reduce pain and inflammation, optimize healing of injured tissues, improve muscle strength and control, increase joint range of motion and soft tissue flexibility, restore normal movements, and ultimately to improve body functions and independence.

Chairperson:Mr. Raymond TSANG
Vice-Chairperson:Mr. Jimmy YUEN
Treasurer:Ms. CHIANG Lan Fong
Mr. Moses LAU
Executive Officer:Ms. Chris CHAN
Mr. Denis CHAN
Mr. Justin IP
Ms. Joey KO
Ms. Tracy TANG
Ms. Iris TSANG
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Hand Therapy Specialty Group (HTSG)

Hand Therapy Specialty Group is one of the specialized groups under the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association. It aims to promote and enhance the knowledge and practices of hand rehabilitation among physiotherapists. Hand physiotherapy provides assessment and treatments of injuries / diseases in the upper limbs, such as fractures, muscles injuries, sprains, arthritis, overuse syndrome, etc. A wide range of treatment methods are used in hand physiotherapy including exercise therapy,manual therapy, ultrasound, laser, wax therapy and electrical stimulation and so on.These help our patients achieve optimal physical and functional recovery.

Chairperson:Mr. Kenneth POON
Vice-Chairperson:Mr. Kenneth CHUNG
Treasurer:Ms. Daisy NG
Ms. Jocelyn CHO
Executive Committee Member:Mr. Jason CHEUNG
Ms. Yvonne LAM
Ms. Wing LEUNG
Ms. Connie LY
Mr. Raymond TSANG
Mr. Jimmy YUEN
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Geriatrics Specialty Group (GSG)


  1. To promote professional development of geriatric services among physiotherapy colleagues from all kinds of settings such as Hospital Authority, NGOs, Department of Health and Social Welfare Department and private old age homes, through various kinds of academic meetings and experience sharing.
  2. To provide support to different kinds of geriatric community bodies by coordinating voluntary workers to support their activities.
  3. To maintain close liaison with all forms of external academic bodies in academic development so as to promote the image of physiotherapy in the field of Geriatric and Gerontology.

Chairperson:Mr. Steven CHEUNG
Vice-Chairperson:Mr. Bill CHAN
Mr. LEUNG Yiu Kwok
Treasurer:Ms. Polly LO
Secretary:Ms. Marine LO
IT Officer:Ms. Ann LI
Mr. Brian WONG
Executive Committee Member:Mr. James KAN
Ms. Angela LEE
Mr. Thomson WONG
Ms. Annie WU
Healthy aging promotion in community by demonstrating dancing exercise, “黃金操”
Public education on roles of physiotherapy in geriatric service by participating in geriatric services in exhibition or conference
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Cardiopulmonary Specialty Group (CPSG)

CPSG is a group of physiotherapists with special interest in the cardiopulmonary area. We aim to promote professional development and advance the scope of practice in cardiopulmonary specialty. Also, as a member of the WCPT international confederation of Cardio-respiratory Physical Therapists (ICCrPT), we provide a platform for members to share their clinical experience and expertise as well as exploring the new development in cardiopulmonary specialty.

Regular clinical sharing and education sessions are organized to advocate evidence-based practice and to facilitate the knowledge transfer not only among physiotherapists, but also other healthcare professions. In addition to academic activities, we collaborate and engage in activities with local and international organizations to promote cardiopulmonary health and wellness in public. CPSG will continue to promote excellence in cardiopulmonary physiotherapy service.

Chairperson:Ms. Joey CHENG
Vice-Chairperson:Ms. Jasmine TAM
Treasurer:Ms. Eva CHUN
Secretary:Mr. Eyckle WONG
Public Relation Officer:Ms. Kedy LEE
Ms. Janet SO
Education Officer:Dr. Shirley NGAI
Ms. Pamela CHAN
Ms. Sandy LEUNG
Ms. Aggie KWAN
Ms. Horsanna CHIU
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Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Specialty Group (AIMSG)

Our group was developed from previous “Acupuncture Specialty Group (ASG)” and was renamed as the “Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Specialty Group (AIMSG)” on 20 th April, 2010. We aimed to promote the use of acupuncture and integrative medicine in physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy in Hong Kong is characterized by the harmonious integration of modern Chinese medicine and advanced Western medical approach. Therefore, physiotherapists in Hong Kong are using modern acupuncture practice for pain management, improving muscle strength and enhancing soft-tissue healing.

Also we will adopt integrative approaches such as Qigong in our daily practice to enhance recovery of functional movement, prevent diseases and improve general well-being and quality of life of the patients.

Chairperson:Mr. Eric LAW
Vice-Chairperson:Mr. Ben CHAN
Ms. Yvonne LAM
Treasurer:Ms. Frances LAW
Secretary:Mrs. May CHEUNG
Ms. Rebecca NGAI
Ms. Michelle CHUNG
Education Officer:Mr. Kenny YUEN (Acupuncture)
Mr. Derek YEUNG (Integrative Medicine)
IT Officer:Mr. Derek YEUNG
Public Relation Officer:Ms. Ada TSUI
Liaison Officer:Mr. Kerry FUNG
Clinical Practice of Pilates and Yoga for Spine Rehabilitation